mental health

Ben Conroy and Elizabeth Conroy are members of the specialist Law Society Mental Health Tribunal Panel and our team can advise patients and their families on all aspects of mental health law including:

• Representing and advising patients detained or liable to be in hospital at the Mental Health Tribunal

• Representing patients subject to Community Treatment Orders

• Representing and advising family members who are a patient's Nearest Relative

• Assisting patients to obtain appropriate aftercare following discharge from detention in hospital

• Pursuing appeals to the Upper Tribunal (Mental Health)

• Care and treatment issues both in hospital and in the community

Non means tested public funding (legal aid) is available for representation before the Mental Health Tribunal.

Means tested public funding is available for other mental health.

We have a contract with the Legal Aid Agency to provide mental health legal services.

Contact Ben Conroy at or Elizabeth Conroy at or 01872 272 457